La miel ¿Cuáles son sus beneficios y propiedades?

La miel ¿Cuáles son sus beneficios y propiedades?

In this article we will highlight the most important of the different types of honey we can find. We will determine the most important characteristics and properties and we will explain some ways of using the product.

Orange blossom honey has characteristics, properties and forms of application that we will discuss in this article. First of all, it is important to know that it is produced by bees in the Spanish Levante region, specifically when they forage on citrus blossoms. 

As for its main characteristics, we know that it is a fairly dense product due to the high amount of sugar it contains. Because of this density, orange blossom honey keeps exceptionally well and, on many occasions, if kept in cold places, it is even difficult to handle. We can highlight this honey as a naturally sweet and creamy product. 

Some of the most important properties of orange blossom honey are those of relaxation and sedation. These properties are a consequence of the flower of origin, i.e. the orange blossom.

This honey can help with insomnia, anxiety and nervousness, among other anomalies. It is recommended to add it to other foods, such as milk or yoghurt. In addition, it is best to buy unpasteurised honey in order to consume the product with all its natural properties. 

Broccoli honey comes from the Calluna vulgaris plant and is harvested annually at the end of summer. The main characteristics of this product are, first of all, its dark colour, its rather intense aroma, its unique slightly spicy taste and, finally, the fact that this type of honey does not crystallise due to its thixotropic properties, which allows the product to present a gelatinous mass which, when shaken, turns into a liquid state and then returns to its gelatinous state when it rests. 

Broccoli honey contains iron and minerals that help to combat anaemia, fatigue and poor appetite. It also has anti-rheumatic, diuretic and urinary tract disinfectant properties. 

Heather honey comes from the flowers of a small shrub called heather and is considered one of the best honeys in the world due to its high purity.

As for its main characteristics, we know that it has a brown colour with red tones, a rather sweet taste with bittersweet touches and an intense aroma of the flower of its plant of origin. On the other hand, this product is totally natural as is its conversation and, for this reason, it crystallises shortly after it is packaged. 

The amount of proteins and mineral salts is higher in this honey and, like biercol honey, it contains iron and minerals that help to combat anaemia, fatigue and lack of appetite. It also has anti-rheumatic, diuretic and urinary tract disinfectant properties. 

The Parpalló flora and milflores honey is produced by bees from various Mediterranean wild flowers found in the Natural Park (thyme, pebrella, heather, rosemary...). The multi-flower honey is produced from pollination at sites with different types of flowers during the months of March and April. 

With regard to its characteristics, its colour is quite light with red tones, its aroma is floral and its taste is quite sweet. It is a completely natural honey and, for this reason, its conservation is also natural and it crystallises soon after bottling. 

Milflower honey supports the digestive functions, boosts energy and physical strength and contains antiseptic properties. It is a good idea to use this honey instead of sugar. 

Rosemary honey is made by bees that forage on rosemary flowers. This honey is thicker and has an amber colour when liquid, but when it crystallises, it turns into a white honey. 

Rosemary honey is consumed to aid the digestion process, i.e. it is a useful product to combat indigestion, heavy digestion, gas and heartburn. It is a good idea to take an infusion after meals containing a teaspoon of rosemary honey. Rosemary honey has also proved useful for respiratory diseases (coughs, bronchitis, colds, flu and colds) because of its pectoral, antiseptic and soothing qualities. 

As it contains the chemical element lithium (it is included in many medicines and drugs), it can be used to combat various mental disorders such as manic depression, bipolar disorders, depression and bipolar disorder. It can therefore improve memory and alleviate senile dementia. Finally, thanks to its natural antiseptic, healing and wound-healing properties, it is beneficial for soothing cuts and wounds on the skin. 

Thyme honey is produced by bees from the thyme plant from the beginning of summer until July. 

Its colour is light when it is in a liquid state and darker when it crystallises. Its aroma is very similar to that of the thyme plant and its taste is sweet and delicate. This honey is very effective in curing throat infections, improving the digestive system, regulating blood pressure, reducing discomfort caused by asthma and bronchitis and regulating menstruation.