El comercio local se sube al tren de la digitalización de la mano de los marketplaces

El comercio local se sube al tren de la digitalización de la mano de los marketplaces

Although it may not seem like it at first glance, buying products from local businesses helps to boost the economy of your town. The network of shops that make up a municipality is part of its tourist, cultural and social interest, therefore, supporting these businesses is essential for the survival of the place in the not too distant future.


In addition, buying from local businesses helps to encourage people to socialise, because when buying from large multinationals their attention is less personalised. If you contribute to your neighbour's small business, the interaction between people improves, and you can receive more personalised and trustworthy attention, because... who better than your neighbour is going to want the best for you?


On the other hand, in some cases the products of local businesses are more expensive than in large companies because their quality is usually higher, as this avoids many problems for the trader as it is a more direct sale. This is beneficial for both the consumer and the seller.


Another important aspect of local commerce is its commitment to the environment. Businesses in your city favour ecology and sustainability, since it is not necessary to make long journeys with vehicles that are detrimental to the wellbeing of the environment, due to the pollution caused by their use.  


However, local businesses also need to expand and offer a better service to their customers. For this reason, and with the rise of internet shopping, local businesses need a Marketplace to be able to reach more people with their products and thus guarantee their survival. Local businesses adapting to an ecommerce brings a series of benefits for the consumer, such as greater shopping convenience and a free timetable for purchasing products.