Arte y colección como cultura

Arte y colección como cultura

Art is an artist's way of expressing a sensitive vision of the world, whether real or imaginary. By means of plastic, linguistic or sound resources, art allows us to express ideas, emotions, perceptions and sensations. Thanks to art we are what we are, because its cultural value goes beyond our thin skin to make us feel and understand life in a different and special way.

From painters, sculptors, musicians to literary artists create works through art where they represent the way they see life, develop their creative side and use this medium as a channel of expression. These works of art reach the public, transmitting emotions and feelings that they have often not experienced before.

Through the different artistic disciplines, an artist can express what he or she is and what he or she feels by means of an infinite number of forms and techniques, whether visually or sonically. It is a fact that art is one of the most important components of culture. As a society we are obliged to care for it and promote it, because culture is the axis that identifies us as people.

There are different types of cultures that vary according to the elements that compose them and build their identity. Culture is transmitted from generation to generation and art is a fundamental component of every culture. 

To conclude, we leave you with a poem by the poet Jorge Eduardo Eielson on World Poetry Day, in which he pays tribute to the importance of the figure of the artist, the bastion responsible for creating art and therefore culture. 


Being an artist

It is to turn a random object
into a magical object
It is to turn misfortune
Imbecility and rubbish
Into a luminous mantle
It is to suffer day and night
From a dazzling disease
It is to taste the future
To smell the immensity
To feel the loneliness
It is to look look look look look
It is to listen to Giotto's song
Van Gogh's sobbing
The cry of Picasso
Duchamp's silence
It is to defy reason
To the epoch
To death
It is to caress wife and children
As if they were canvases and brushes
It is to caress fabrics and brushes
As if they were combat weapons
It's caressing combat weapons
As if they were coloured tubes
It's caressing coloured tubes


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