¡Sí se puede! team

¡Sí se puede! team

Do you remember that 31st of December writing your New Year's resolutions? Do you remember that you were going to do sport this year? And that you were going to join the gym at the beginning of the school year? Well, just like you, at mondúv we also think that you are still in time to keep those resolutions, even though the countdown is almost over 🍇🕕

That's why we offer you a variety of sports products, so that you can be the motivating fitness friend of your colleagues.

You won't complain, we make it so easy for you that we are going to list the most practised sports in the last year, we are sure you will be good at some of them :)

1. Pilates. Elasticity, balance and strength, the most complete sport of all. Apparently calm but you will end up sweating.
2. Cycling. The best thing about this one is that you set your own limits, you can do it in the city or in the mountains, if you are already a pro.
3. Hiking. We've all done this more than once (you can validate it with walking everywhere, but it has to be a minimum of 8,000 steps, otherwise it doesn't work).
4. Running. The best friend for losing calories. 
5. Football. A classic.
6. Strength training. To include the word 'gym' in your everyday life.
7. Swimming. You can also do this sport in the sea, although the water will be a bit chilly now. 
8. Dancing. Ideal to do with the kids.
9. Paddle tennis. Who doesn't know someone who plays paddle tennis?
10. Basketball. Suitable for people of all heights.

Courage, you still have time to challenge yourself.